Market Intelligence
Blaige & Company creates proprietary research focused on examining and analyzing trends in the plastics, packaging, and chemicals marketplace. We have tracked over 1,500 sector mergers and acquisitions over the past five years. By dedicating our strategic and market intelligence on our targeted markets, we are able to come to the table prepared to create premier value for your transaction, whether your company is privately owned, a division of a larger corporation, or a private equity portfolio company.

In plastics, plastic packaging, labels, and private equity, Blaige & Company tracks mergers and acquisition activity worldwide in our unique Plastics Deal Briefing, Plastic Packaging Deal Briefing, and Label Market Deal Briefing research summaries, as well as our proprietary M&A market updates covering plastics and plastics-related packaging and chemicals M&A activity in the private equity, medical, and automotive sectors. We continue to track every key aspect of the plastics and plastics-related packaging and chemicals markets, bringing our insight to clients across the world. To learn more about Blaige & Company’s market intelligence, contact us with your area of interest.

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