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At Blaige & Company, our clientele is comprised of private equity investors, corporations, and privately owned companies. We appreciate the concerns which are unique to specific types of clients, and we approach each transaction from their unique point of view.
  • Blaige & Company bankers have first-hand experience in executing transactions as private equity investors, as well as representing private equity investors acquiring, building, and then harvesting portfolio companies to maximize return.

  • We also have experience as operating and corporate development executives, operating and building businesses, and executing mergers and acquisitions on behalf of multi-billion dollar, multinational corporations.

  • We also have experience as direct owners of companies – buying, running, and selling our own businesses.
Our unique backgrounds and extensive experience allows us to most effectively advise our clients on a broad range of issues. Such as valuation and financial analysis, strategically positioning the business, flawlessly orchestrating and executing a competitive process, and aggressively negotiating the details of a successful transaction – with full involvement throughout the process and through the date of closing.

Our clients have experienced first-hand the Premier Value associated with our Pure Focus. They experience our intense attention to detail. They experience our unique ability to effectively position their businesses to appeal to potential acquirers. They experience the depth of our global resources, our extensive contacts, our ability to use speed as a strategic tool, and to most quickly and effectively access and deliver the best strategic and financial buyers for each deal.

At Blaige & Company, we are fiduciaries and financial stewards. Clients rely on our stability, leadership, integrity, and professionalism. We are strategic partners – part of our client’s “team” in developing and then executing strategies to achieve strategic goals.

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